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                           Credit Score Academy

The most effective Classroom Training Series in use today.

Founded in 1998 we quickly became a powerful force in the Mortgage Industry. People who previously were being turned down for financing, were now building and re-building their  credit profiles in record time. This allowed them to re-apply and qualify for financing! 

 The Credit Score Academy is family-owned and operated. Since opening in 1998, we’ve treated  every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar  products, but our products come with a personal touch.

We have an interest in you!​​

Support Staff

Aimee Beavers
​New York / Utah/Maine
Bruce McInnis Sr
Bruce McInnis Jr
Jayleigh  Palmer​ 
Amanda Demartino
​North Carolina
Carmen Ortega
​SW Marketing Director
Heather Perdelwitz
​NW Marketing Director
​Washington State
Victor Javier Fonseca-Ruiz
​SW Marketing Manager
G. Stephen Ross
​SE Marketing Director
​South Carolina