by Bruce McInnis Jr. (President/CEO CSA)

Isn't that the word everyone looks for? Or Cheap, Cheap, Cheap......or easy, easy, easy!

People these days expect to get it easy, cheap or FREE! There is no easy button. For 18 years I have helped people take ownership of their credit profile. Some come into the program excited to learn the basics of good credit and really want to dig in and get busy correcting or rebuilding their report. But then there are those that begin the process expecting that years of credit neglect will just magically disappear, and without their participation. NOT going to happen!

In this world of instant gratification, here we have a process that cannot be rushed. It cannot be finished in 30 days. For most families the process of correcting, building new lines of credit and re-building a positive profile take anywhere from six months to a year to complete. Those wanting the "quick" fix to get into any loan program will find themselves in the same boat a year down the road. They don't seem to care about the long term effects of avoiding the inevitable. A bad credit score WILL cost you more money, every time!

I was conducting a conference call yesterday and one of my affiliates asked my opinion about helping someone who habitually fails to pay anything on time, habitually charges off accounts without any regard for paying them at all, and who generally doesn't care about anything else but scamming the system. My answer was immediate. I will not waste my time helping someone that will not help themselves. It is THIS type of mentality that give legitimate businesses like the CSA a bad name in the finance industry. Companies that offer credit relief in any way are not all the same, but certainly are not all set up to scam the credit system either. GOOD people are found everywhere. Bad people are also found equally, everywhere. We help those that are willing to help themselves.

We should have been taught in High SchoolI look at it like this. Every person on this earth WILL make mistakes, we are all human. Every person has the ability to make amends and get a second chance. I believe the credit system is rigged against the consumer. The time periods of "credit sentencing" can be 7-10 and up to 15 years of punishment, while REAL criminals get away with robbery for less time! The consumer needs to know the truth about the credit report, how to use it for their benefit, how to go into all financing control. They should know their credit score and what that entitles them to for an interest rate, in fact, knowing your scores ahead of time give you leverage when negotiating your finance package. You DO have control, if you TAKE control.....EDUCATION is the key to the problem.

We should have been taught the credit system in high school. Parents could have been preparing their children for the rest of their life by teaching correct principles about a credit profile. 99.% of all people are not trying to get over on anyone....they just want a level playing field......they want to know the rules! If someone had stepped up for the consumer back in 1972.....the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) would have meant may as well be the UNfair Credit Reporting Act because sections of it are not being enforced and the bureaus use it against you. The Credit Score Academy was formed back in 1998 and we have developed an education system with online modules that teach you the entire credit system. We teach you how to break down the report and teach you to apply tips and techniques yourself. We teach you that 2 installment accounts and 2 revolving accounts are needed to gain the maximum credit scores per account, you need to ensure that file segregation is in place where you can have it, you need balances below 50% of the HCL (high credit limit), below 35% to maximize the score. NO open accounts with zero balances.....they are considered an "unmanaged liability" and even though it may be a positive account you do NOT get the maximum score for it. We place a "promotional suppression" on the account to avoid your credit being sold anymore, and we can place a "fraud alert" on your account, if you need it, like Lifelock does,and we do it for nothing. We have four tests and a final exam for those needing to prove they have completed a credit course. This is required for anyone seeking downpayment assistance programs, low income federal loans and grant programs and those filing a bankruptcy. We send certification of completion once the testing has been scored.

Stop waiting for something to change.....BE the change.....the CHANGE is YOU!